The Boys And Girls Clubs Kawartha Lakes

CPKL has chosen the Boys and Girls Clubs of Kawartha Lakes (now known as BGC Kawarthas) as its first project. The group will improve the diversity and coverage of the urban canopy on the 7-acre site on Lindsay Street South, which is a hub for families, fully accessible to the public, and connected to city trails.

BGC has a site plan which denotes the species and placement of trees on its 7-acre property. With the insight of Fleming Urban Forestry Technician program, the designated species have been diversified in order to support more native species and to encourage biodiversity.

Public and club member use of the site will be enhanced with additional tree coverage and shade. Thousands of children and their families use the site and its outdoor facilities each year.

The Club presents a unique opportunity to incorporate education on the importance of the urban canopy for the public and club members through programming and signage on the site. In addition, the increased biodiversity will improve the health and vitality of the neighborhood and create transition areas that are required by wildlife for their sustainability. The site lies adjacent to a municipal rail trail, and across the street from a large multi-use field, positioning the property as an essential link.

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